Pembrokeshire Gardening is a small leading garden maintenance team in South Pembrokeshire,  providing private or commercial garden and grounds maintenance services.

We can create a bespoke garden maintenance package to suit the requirements of your grounds or garden.  This can be carried out in either weekly or fortnightly maintenance visits or as a one off service.

Grass Cutting and Lawn Care

Professional grass cutting and lawn care service which can be provided on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  We understand how important a properly kept lawn is, which is why we offer first class lawn care, lawn treatment, Carification, turfing, grass cutting and lawn maintenance services.  From small private lawns to manor house size lawns, we provide lawn care and maintenance services for projects of all sizes.   Our aim is to make your lawn healthy, weed and moss free and look great all year round, whilst providing a friendly and tailored service.



Scarifying is a very beneficial lawn treatment and rather than being considered as a remedial maintenance exercise every one to two years, you should consider scarifying as a regular maintenance procedure.

What does scarifying do?

During the course of a season dead grass (called thatch) and lateral grass stems build up, thus restricting light and air getting through to the grass roots.

As thatch builds it restricts any desired grass and instead moss and weeds are encouraged to take over, leading to a downward spiral in the health of a lawn.

A scarifier is in effect a vertical mower with knife blades (or wire tines) spaced out along a reel – much like a cylinder on a mower.

These vertical blades act like a vigorous comb, forcing out any build up of rubbish at grass root level.




If hedge cutting has become a hassle, leave it to the experts.   We can prune and trim most hedges. We soon cut them back into shape by clipping to create neat and tidy contours. Our specialist equipment allows us to cut tall hedges safely and quickly.

Height or width can be reduced according to your requirements. If your hedge has become too high, or too wide, it’s worth considering our reduction service. We cut back hedges to an agreed height and width. If a hedge has become particularly broad, we’ll take off the sides so that it takes up less room. Hedges will re-thicken over time.

We offer an annual cut that’s carried out when birds have finished nesting. Or we can provide a biannual cut for fast-growing hedges that require more frequent maintenance.

In order to quote, we’ll need to see your hedge as they can vary significantly in size. Let us take care of hedge maintenance for you; give us a buzz to arrange your free quotation.



Driveway, Decking, Patio Power Washing

We offer clean and restore driveways, paths, wall’s and patio’s. As well as looking unsightly, Algae covered path’s, patio’s or drive’s are also a dangerous slip hazard. Using top of the range commercial grade Pressure Washers and Rotary Cleaners we can completely transform the look of your outside area’s.

We can quickly and efficiently return your outside areas to their former glory at extremely competitive prices. Dirt, Moss, Weeds, Algae, weeds and lichens as well as oil and other stains are removed.



Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Vac Cleaning

The gutter vacuum is an industrial powerful machine that is designed to clean gutters.It carbon fibre extension poles reach gutter heights up to 40ft

Very affordable price.

Access hard to reach gutters that ladders cannot (over conservatories, extensions etc)Its powerful 3 motors can suck out even the most stubborn blockages

Inspection camera ensure that your gutters are being cleaned before/during/after.

No mess! we take all gutter debris with us to dispose of.

No damage to your home that ladders can often cause.



An essential job, we can weed your garden area as a one off or with regular visits.

We can also edge your borders, cut back last years growth, split plants to reduce their size, prune back vigorous growth and keep your borders in good health.

Borders may need fertilising to get the best out of your plants in the coming season, we can help, please ask for more details.